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7 rainy day Pinterest crafts to do with your kids

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

May 11, 2015, 12:49 PM PDT / Updated May 11, 2015, 12:49 PM PDT / Source: TODAYBy Rachel Becker

Spring showers leaving you clueless with what to do with your kids? Try some indoor fun with these clever Pinterest-pefect crafts, sure to entertain your little ones when that playground trip you planned is a washout.

1. Homemade puffy paint

No need to spend a bundle on pricey puffy paints. Pop these basic ingredients into the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds, and voila — you have magic paint your kids can use to create beautiful masterpieces (or just doodle with). Get the tutorial. See the pin.

2. Paper plate flower craft

Bring the flower blooms indoors with this easy tutorial from Crafty Morning. All you need are paper plates, paint and colored paper. The results are worth the time spent painting and cutting. Get the tutorial. See the pin.

3. Shimmer playdough

Play dough with a twist: the dough shines and sparkles making it oh-so-glittery. Bonus: it's so simple to make. Get the tutorial. See the pin.

4. Paper bag animal puppets

Take a simple paper bag, add some clever paper details and, boom—you've got a litter of adorable piglet and puppy puppets. Next step: a puppet show, obviously. Get the tutorial. See the pin.

5. Straw rockets

Consider these as fancy spit balls, minus the spit! Make paper "rockets" using decorated paper; the straw is the launcher. Once assembled, have a game to see who can blast theirs the farthest. Get the tutorial. See the pin.




6. Homemade flubber

Flubber—an incredibly goopy version of play dough—is always a hit with kids. This homemade recipe takes 5 minutes to make, but will entertain for hours. Not a bad payoff. Get the tutorial. See the pin.

7. DIY rainy day paper umbrellas

Rain, rain go away. Ok, maybe these beautiful, paper umbrellas won't actually help protect from the elements, but they sure make a cute craft. Get the tutorial. See the pin.

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